ARCA's Subang Dialysis Centre, located in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, was recognized by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council, Zakat, for its outstanding performance, in particular :

1.  No complaint from Zakat sponsored patients 

2.  The excellent Rapport and Cooperation extended to Zakat 

3.  No record of fraudulent or erroneous claims. 

In addition to the recognition, Zakat also Rewarded the dialysis centre with two (2) Brand New B. Braun Dialysis machines, complete with Chairs. 

Zakat officials visited the Subang Dialysis Centre on Wed., 5th Sep. '18, to officiate the Donation of the two dialysis machines.  The centre subsequently treated the guests to simple refreshments.   

The Subang Dialysis Team members posing with the two visiting Zakat officials 

Picture 1.2.0..jpg

ARC(M)’s Operations Manager, Ms Norul, posing with a Zakat official and one of the Donated machines. 

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